Carbis Bay

Carbis Bay Appartment Complex

As part of a ten-year masterplan for the Carbis Bay Hotel, a redevelopment project on the Carbis Bay beachfront is set to create a sports and leisure facility and major hotel extension, as well as eight 6 star holiday apartments.  Saxton Drilling Ltd were contracted to carry out the enabling works on behalf of the client.


Space Piled Retaining Wall

Works involved the construction of a 120-meter-long spaced piled retaining wall, ranging between 12-14 meter high. Constructed with the use of ODEX piling techniques, and the installation of 160 double corrosion protection rock anchors to retain the wall.

Carbis Bay Western Embankment Slope Stabilisation

​The western embankment of the site was stabilised using a range of methods which included soil nails and rock bolts which reached depths of up to 7.5 meters. These provided the support for a range of specialist geotechnical retaining  structures including gunite and macaferry mesh.


Carbis Bay Multi-use Venue & Appartment Foundation Piling

Due to the nature of the geotechnical parameters encountered at Carbis Bay, piles were designed to provide the foundations for the planned multi use venue and apartments. Foundation piling for the complex consisted of 229 vertical piles and 34 raking piles reaching depths up to 20 meters to competent bedrock.  The piles were designed to accommodate loads up to 550kN, with a range of reinforcements applied to accommodate the dynamic coastal environment.